Are you looking for Store Detectives in Wales?

The work of our Store Detectives involves watching suspected offenders. All the while under the guise of a shopper!

They also make security checks on staff who work in the store. We ensure this is fair with all staff, whatever their position in the company.


Store Detective Services in Wales

All our Store Detectives can deal with aggression and conflicting behaviour. Should the time come to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient & subtle manner!

Besides liaising with the police our Store Detectives take statements & carry out interviews. We investigate situations we encounter with the utmost professionalism.

As unique individuals our Retail Store Detectives provide that extra level of security. We can work with your existing guards or on our own depending on your requirements.

You can be sure that every single Store Detective we assign to a job can handle a multitude of scenarios. All the while staying polite and communicating in the best possible manner.

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Why choose Store Detectives Services?

We offer the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business! Integrating ourselves into your store we become the eyes and ears of your business.

Our discreet Store Detectives take your retail security to the next level. We provide your stock and staff with the protection they need. Thus reducing your chances of becoming victim to theft.

Understanding that you are running a retail outlet and with the aspects involved. Sometimes you won’t have the time to track every single member of staff or customers that visit your outlet.

Our Store Detectives take on that role and will cover all aspects of your outlet. Thus leaving you to focus on the important aspects of running your store.

What are the benefits of Store Detectives?

Our Store Detective’s main principle is to detect and arrest shoplifters. We do this by roaming your shop floor undercover, in the guise of a shopper.

Store Detectives also act as a security advisor to the owner. Sometimes even acting as their eyes and ears on the shop floor. Store Detectives will blend as another customer whilst keeping watch on any suspects.

The role may even entail searching store staff as they leave for breaks and end of shifts. We move around your store without raising suspicion.

Often we work in conjunction with store owners and other security guards. We do this by roaming your shop floor undercover, in the guise of a shopper. Arresting suspects without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store (where possible).

Fast Acting, Reliable Security

We are accustomed with a range of environments and experienced with identifying risks and reducing threats

Professional & Effective

We believe in serving you by providing affordable, smart and reliable security services with professional guards.

Experienced & Qualified

All our security officers are well-trained and experienced at their jobs this ensures we provide superior protection.

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