Are you looking for Common Law Eviction Services in Wales?

JDAM assists in the removal of unlawful occupiers where a Warrant of Eviction is served to the occupants. This service includes assisting utility agents at Premises where a Warrant for Entry is executed at the premises.
We can restrain dogs if necessary!

Our Common Law Eviction Services in Wales means you can be confident your property is in good hands. We will ensure your property is restored to you Safe and Secure.

Common Law Eviction Services in Wales

Under common law, every landowner has the right to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if required. You can also delegate the right to an agent. JDAM offers a service arranging bailiffs to remove unauthorised occupiers/travellers from land owned by our clients. We do this without the considerable expense and delay of having to go through the court system.

Another option for the landowner is to apply through the Court for an Order for possession. Once granted, the order can be transferred to the High Court to request a Writ of Possession. When the writ of possession is issued, the landowner can instruct High Court Enforcement Officers to remove the trespasser(s) again, using no more than reasonable force.

With much experience in the Locksmiths industry, we can provide a Mobile Locksmith service to assist Bailiffs and utility Agents. We gain non-destructive entry at Premises where a Warrant of Eviction or Entry is to be executed.

Why choose Common Law Eviction Services in Wales?

JDAM has been assisting with Common Law Evictions for several years. Over the years, JDAM has gained a wealth of knowledge & experience in this field.

Squatting in residential property became a criminal offence in 2012. Since then, there has been a significant increase in squatting in commercial premises. Many squats located in various types of properties have become long term residential squats.

We have attended and assisted with evictions where illegal squatters have taken over commercial buildings, installing kitchen utilities and other equipment to create a permanent residence. An increasing number of commercial premises are used for illegal raves where hundreds of drug-fuelled revellers can cause extensive damage in a few hours.

With a mixture of backgrounds, we are equipped to handle tasks big or small. Our approach is to assist in setting the standard for the industry today. With many successful evictions, JDAM gives continued confidence to our clients. We liaise directly with the Police where necessary to ensure the property is safely and quickly returned to its intended use.

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