Are you looking for CCTV Services in Wales?

We provide security guards to track CCTV footage at your location. Also, we supply & install CCTV products! These can be customised for a wide variety of premises throughout Wales.

Once we begin working together, you’ll be so glad you took the first step. You are making the first move towards a more efficient and safer environment!

CCTV Services in Wales

We understand the importance of keeping your property secure! This is why we offer CCTV Services and products to private homes and commercial premises. Remote CCTV Monitoring can make an important contribution to security surveillance. It assists in the cctv monitoring of streets, shops, buildings and other public places.

Cameras consistently monitored by alert and trained cctv operators at our CCTV Control Centre help to create a safer and secure environment; they act as a deterrent to offenders as well as providing valuable evidence to prosecute offenders who choose to ignore the deterrent.

To begin the process of a implementing CCTV Services on your property, call 0800-634-5250 free today. You can talk with our friendly, experienced Surveillance division about your current requirements. You can also contact us using our online enquiry form here.

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Why Choose our CCTV Services?

All our CCTV Operators are trained to the highest standards and licensed by the Security Industry Authority. You can protect your property for less than £5.00 per day with our IP Surveillance system. JDAM offer unlimited alarms and no turning off sites, including a rapid response to your site if necessary.

Choosing us to supply your CCTV Services provides you with a 24/7 effective solution. A solution that deters would-be thieves and criminals. Ensuring you have the coverage and evidence you need should an incident occur. We use the latest security technology equipment to create the most effective solutions. Working in close co-operation with selected partners. Each with cutting-edge competence in their respective field.

Our CCTV Systems come from manufacturers who are experts throughout Europe. Experts in the security technology industry! This ensures we cut out the middleman fees bringing low-cost CCTV systems to you.

Each one of our systems comes with 2-3 year, no quibble warranty as standard.

What are the benefits of using us for CCTV Services?

An effective CCTV system is only as good as the cctv operator that is using it. Conversely even if the operator is well trained they will only be as good as the system allows them to be (quality of equipment, number of cameras, positioning etc).

We have experience with a range of environments, identifying risks & reducing threats. The Implementation of your new CCTV system will be important. It is an integral part of your loss prevention strategy.

Remote cctv monitoring can provide key evidence in ‘post incident’ investigations, and has brought many criminals to justice. It is also ensuring your safety as well as the safety of any visitors.

How else can JDAM Security help?

You can also choose to work with our security officers and have the added protection of our Response Services. If you are commercial or private we ensure your security gets around the clock attention no matter what.

Once your CCTV System is operating, it is one less thing to worry about.

Fast Acting, Reliable Security

We are accustomed with a range of environments and experienced with identifying risks and reducing threats

Professional & Effective

We believe in serving you by providing affordable, smart and reliable security services with professional guards.

Experienced & Qualified

All our security officers are well-trained and experienced at their jobs this ensures we provide superior protection.

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If you would like to find our more about our company or the services we provide, you can contact us free on 0800-634-5250, alternatively you can use our online contact form.

As a complete security solutions company, we take pride in being able to offer you a wide variety of services and products which will further enhance your personal and property security.

We are completely insured for all services we offer, evidence of which can be provided upon request by emailing us here.

As with all companies, not all our clients leave feedback explaining the service they have received, however the ones that do display the level of service you will receive by choosing us as your security partner.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and can be found here.

We are suppliers and installer of CCTV systems. With our wide range of products and low cost installation fees we can guarantee we will have a system to suit your requirements.

We understand sometimes circumstances change and the last thing we want is to put further strain on what could be a bad situation, this is why we offer no tie in contracts. This means you will only be billed for any work requested that has been completed. We also help by offering to spread the cost with direct debits.

For further information please contact us here.