Are you looking for Alarm Response Services in Wales?

We know that your property is more than a source of income for you. Your property is your livelihood! Using JDAM to monitor and respond to your alarm system, we can ensure your property remains secure.

Using our Alarm Response Services in Wales means you can be confident your property is in good hands. Safe and Secure even when you’re not there.


Alarm Response Services in Wales

A vital part of the defence of any premises against crime is its alarm system. Some awe-inspiring and efficient alarm systems can detect movement, including seeing any threat to the security of your premises.

Yet, to make sure that the alarm system does help to prevent crime, it also needs someone to respond; this is where JDAM can help. JDAM will attend promptly to investigate what is occurring on your premises!

Our Trained Security Experts will respond to any alert raised by your alarm 24/7. JDAM will act as a necessary deterrent, deterring criminals from threatening your property.

Why choose Alarm Response Services in Wales?

JDAM offer a swift response to any alert raised by your alarm system!

JDAM trained security professionals will immediately attend to your property. Whilst on-site, JDAM will patrol and investigate to discover what has triggered the alarm. JDAM operatives will handle any incident found and inform authorities if necessary.

JDAM operatives will be identifiable by potential criminals while identifying potential targets, acting as a crucial deterrent. JDAM can also provide a visible Alarm System and CCTV for your property!

You can further improve your property security by using our Mobile Patrol Service. Mobile Patrol services used in conjunction with JDAM Alarm Response Services provides more superior protection for your premises.

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What are the benefits of using Alarm Response Services?

The best-defended properties are those that have prepared for the unexpected. JDAM already defend them!

JDAM will respond to any incident with our Rapid Response services as standard. On average, we can attend your property in Wales within a 20-30 minute timescale. This timescale can vary depending on your property location and the distance our operatives travel to your property.

With JDAM, you will have access to the right expertise – when you need it the most.

How else can JDAM Security help?

To enhance your property security, JDAM supply and install CCTV and Alarm systems. The systems we provide record 24/7, capturing any possible criminal activity. The recordings from the system’s serve as evidence should the need arise.

JDAM additionally provide free signs advertising that there are active Security Systems 24/7. JDAM signs add an indispensable necessity to the deterrent factor. These implementations are some of the most important deterrents to criminals, criminals who generally target property like yours!

Fast Acting, Reliable Security

We are accustomed with a range of environments and experienced with identifying risks and reducing threats

Professional & Effective

We believe in serving you by providing affordable, smart and reliable security services with professional guards.

Experienced & Qualified

All our security officers are well-trained and experienced at their jobs; this ensures we provide superior protection.

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