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Worked with these guys several times in the past. Always professional and polite. I have no worry about my business with these guys looking after the events.

Nigel Cramb

top work, top safety, seriously friendly and highly professional

Osian Morris

Fantastic service, we use them for all our events at Celf Llambed Arts , staff are friendly, approachable and there when there needed. They have also given us valuable advice in crowd management to help keep our events safe and secure.

Matthew Knowles

well mannered and professional. excellent work. definitely recommended

Sophie Moore-Jackson

Excellent work, job well done! Would definetely recommend

Rachel Faerian



Security dogs can be equally effective as a number of static security guards. Not only providing a visual deterrent, dogs have powerful hearing and scent senses and are able to search and find human presence better than up to five static guards. Security dogs are invaluable in searching and securing large areas. They are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by, scent, sight or sound, a handler with a trained security dog can cover large area’s such as properties that have extensive grounds that would otherwise be unable to patrol and secure. To protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. When they are confronted with threatening behaviour they are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive to deal with the situation.

Security dog guarding is one of the most effective solutions to guarding people, premises and property.

A security dog handler team provides a more effective security service solution than several man guards. They are ideal to supplement or replace traditional security guards, and the presence of a protection dog is often sufficient to deter criminals.

Why Choose a Security Dog Handler Team?

Security dogs use their sensory advantages to detect the presence of intruders. They have a sense of smell that is 100,000 times better than that of a human and can hear 4 times better over a wider range of frequencies than the human ear can detect. For night time guarding, their night vision is also better than that of a security guard. When combined with a professional dog handler, these unique qualities make them the ideal choice to keep your business secure from threats.

How Can Security Dogs Be Deployed?

Our security dogs are versatile and offer better value for money than traditional security services that do not use protection dogs. We can also provide security dog handler teams to assist and support door staff in enforcing entrance policies at venues and events.

How Can Security Dogs Patrol Protect Your Business?

Dog protection handler teams are an effective deterrent against would-be criminals for a range of sites including distribution centres, unoccupied sites, shops, and sites with heightened risks. It is virtually impossible for intruders to stage a surprise attack thanks to the heightened sensory abilities of our highly trained protection dogs.

What Kind of Security Dogs Do You Use?

The type of guard dog you might have in your home will be trained in a separate set of skills to the type of guard dog that will patrol a business site. Protection dogs will also have a separate set of skills to an explosive protection dog or drugs detection dogs. With our dog protection service, we pay particular attention to our dogs’ socialisation, tracking and containment skills. These k9 protection skills are often overlooked in the security dogs sector.

Why Choose JDAM Security?

If you would like more information about the security dog services offered by JDAM, you can get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a consultation. We can help you to identify the risks facing your business which you may not have identified in the past.

Security dog patrols are perfect for:

Areas with restricted vision, Building & Demolition Sites, Factories, Warehouses & rural premises
Large areas, parks, golf courses, farms & recreation grounds
Vulnerable property including unoccupied buildings, high net worth sites & vacant land

A Statement From Our Managing Director:
"We like to give our client's value for less and we are a fast working team you can rely on. We want to help solve our client’s problem right away and will go to above and beyond the line of duty to satisfy our clients."

Our primary goal is your safety and security and we believe that you deserve an outstanding security team who can always protect you and keep you safe.
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