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XCL085 150ft BNC Cable White 4PCS/PACK

The two-in-one design, namely the integration of video connection wire and power wire, simplifies the installation of surveillance system with fewer wires and easier settings. The 150ft(45m) length easily extends the utility of camera, thus it can be placed everywhere with more convenience.

  • ANNKE 3rdgeneration of video and power combo cable (1st 960H, 2nd 720P, 3rd 1080P)
  • Standard video DC power supply that meets the ISET s.r.l communication cable standard
  • The cable combines all functions into one with
  • This cable can operate perfectly in various application scenarios like the surface and inside of walls, floors, etc.
  • Specially designed for AHD / CVI / TVI CCTV cameras
  • 5*2.1*10mm standard DC power connector


* 4 X 45 M Video & Power 2-in-1 cable
* 4 X BNC to BNC connectors
* User Manual
** For camera with DC power only.**


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