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"Always guarding, forever protecting"
Worked with these guys several times in the past. Always professional and polite. I have no worry about my business with these guys looking after the events.

Nigel Cramb

top work, top safety, seriously friendly and highly professional

Osian Morris

Fantastic service, we use them for all our events at Celf Llambed Arts , staff are friendly, approachable and there when there needed. They have also given us valuable advice in crowd management to help keep our events safe and secure.

Matthew Knowles

well mannered and professional. excellent work. definitely recommended

Sophie Moore-Jackson

Excellent work, job well done! Would definetely recommend

Rachel Faerian



JDAM Security is a fully licensed security company offering a comprehensive range of security solutions throughout Wales. Our cost-effective key holding solutions give you peace of mind by ensuring that a rapid and effective security response is initiated if you need immediate access or if an alarm has sounded. Professional key holding can benefit your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders, and by ensuring that only properly trained security personnel - as opposed to your staff - arrive at potentially dangerous scenes. Keyholding, in a professional sense, is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial premise for use in case the primary key is lost or stolen. We like to take this one step further by providing additional services such as rapid response to:

   • Burglar and Intruder Alarm Activations
   • Access to tradesmen or contractors
   • Gas leaks, floods and power cuts
   • Elderly people’s Personal Alarms
   • Void property inspections
   • Lock up and unlocking of property
   • and many more…

Our professional approach to the services we provide enables us to take on the role of a trusted friend protecting your property - a friend who is fully vetted, comprehensively trained, properly equipped and always available. The service provided by us is both professional and inexpensive.
Not only does professional key-holding keep you or your staff out of danger, it also means that you won’t have to respond to false alarms sounding during unsociable hours.

This means that you and your staff will never be put in unpredictable circumstances, and that you will no longer have to select, train and manage internal key-holders. You will also avoid any compensation claims made by staff injured whilst undertaking key holding duties. If required, we can provide a detailed report of every alarm response so that you are able to spot any trends and make necessary adjustments.

The most crucial elements are: -

• Your keys will be coded, sealed and held within a secure safe in our control room
• Fast attendance by fully licenced experienced staff, primarily by car equipped with amber and white warning lights.
• All telephone calls to our control room are recorded and timed for future reference if required
• You will receive a full report of each incident

We will keep a set of your keys in a secure off-site location. This means that, if you loose a set of keys, you will have guaranteed 24/7 access to your property. In conjunction, we offer mobile security patrols so that your property is monitored even when no alarm has sounded. Our Response Teams are primarily dispatched by car immediately to ensure prompt arrival at your premises. In addition, the time saved by not having to locate private keyholders may be crucial in some instances.

Police Requirements

The Policy of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), requires that each property must have at least two keyholders, one of whom must be available at all times. Each keyholder must have a telephone, a means of transport at all times, and must be capable of responding quickly to an attendance request, day or night.

Should you not comply with these requirements, the Police may withdraw response to your premises. In addition, your alarm receiving centre will not be permitted to notify the Police of alarm activations unless keyholding information is available. Where a professional keyholding company is appointed, all the above is taken care of. Our Response Team will attend your premises in response to alarm activations at any time. This is particularly relevant during unsocial hours. There is no need to rely or impose on friends or neighbours who may not be available to attend your property all year round.

In commercial properties, key members of staff may be absent from work if they have been called out during the previous night. There is also no cost involved in remunerating staff, providing transport or mobile phones and no possibility of breaching Health and Safety regulations.

A Statement From Our Managing Director:
"We like to give our client's value for less and we are a fast working team you can rely on. We want to help solve our client’s problem right away and will go to above and beyond the line of duty to satisfy our clients."

Our primary goal is your safety and security and we believe that you deserve an outstanding security team who can always protect you and keep you safe.
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