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We are a contractor of Store Detective services, who can provide quality Store Detectives to secure your Retail Outlet

We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company that can
Secure any retail outlet!

Choosing JDAM Security to protect your retail outlet can significantly reduce the loss of stock and recover profit in your retail business.

The work of our store detectives involves watching suspected offenders under the guise of a shopper and making security checks on staff who work in the store, we can ensure this is done fairly with all staff, whatever their position in the company.

Our Store Detectives or Undercover Security Personnel may also act as a security advisor to the store manager sometimes even acting as their eyes and ears on the shop floor, searching store staff as they leave for breaks and end of shifts. Moving around your store without raising suspicion our store detectives will blend in as just another customer whilst keeping a close eye on any suspects.

Trained to deal with aggression and conflicting behaviour, should the time come to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient, subtle manner without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store. Liaising with the police our store detectives are even trained to take statements, carry out interviews and investigate any situations we encounter.


Trusted Store Detecive Services

As unique individuals our retail store detectives provide that extra level of security on top of your existing guards or on their own depending on your requirements.

You can be sure that every single store detective we assign to a job is equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios in the best possible manner.

Often working in conjunction with store managers and other security guards our store detective’s aim is to detect and arrest by roaming your floor undercover.


Why Choose Store Detectives?

Offering the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business, discreet store detectives can take your security to the next level and provide your stock and staff with the protection they needs.

Reducing your chances of becoming victim to theft, store detectives can seamlessly integrate themselves into your store and be the much-needed eyes and ears of your business all the while guised as a shopper.

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Types of Retail Outlets

  • Shopping Centres
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Sports Stores
  • Markets
  • Game Stores

Service FAQ’s

I suspect my staff are stealing stock, can you help?

The work of our store detectives involves making security checks on staff who work in the store and it is important that this is done fairly with all staff, whatever their position in the company.

Will Store Detectives befriend my staff?

Internal theft can also be a risk to the store and it is a difficult working relationship to get right with the store staff. The best level would be to come across firm but fair and a close relationship should not be encouraged as this can make the Store Detective or Undercover Security Personnel look like a member of staff. Loss prevention staff may be asked to avoid close friendships with staff to remain impartial when carrying out security checks.

Why can't I just monitor staff and customers myself?

Understanding that you are running a retail outlet and with the many different aspects involved on a daily basis, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single member of staff or customers that visit your outlet. Our Store Detectives take on the role and can cover all aspects of your outlet leaving you to focus on the important role of running your outlet.

How can Store Detectives help my outlet?

We can implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual:

  • Reduce stock theft

  • Detect and arrest shoplifters

  • Carry out end of day staff searches

  • Provide undercover detectives to blend in with your floor

  • Monitor your staff

  • Ensure appropriate till usage

  • Carry out statements, interviews and investigations
  • We Provide Store Detective Services That Can Reduce Loss and PreventTheft!

    We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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