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We are a contractor of Retail Security services, who can provide quality Retail Security services to secure any retail outlet

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Secure Your Retail Outlet!

Choosing JDAM Security to protect your retail outlet can significantly reduce the loss of stock and recover profit in your retail business.

Retail stores are currently facing increasing need for professional security services. Criminals are routinely filling their bags with merchandise and leaving the store undetected and at the worst, employee theft can occur right under management’s nose going undetected.

Retail shopping stores are constantly facing increasing need for professional retail security. Fortunately, we can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft and shrinkage with our retail security services. JDAM Security are equipped to handle the task.

Our security guards are trained to recognize theft threats, while keeping honest customers feeling safe. In addition, our retail security systems can provide ongoing surveillance of all areas, including employee only sections of the store. With security personnel on duty, shoppers will feel safe, and theft can drop drastically.


Trusted Retail Security Solutions

Overlooking retail security can be an easy but costly mistake to make. JDAM Security's Retail Security Services can provide a professional bespoke service across Wales, all our officers are trained to high standards, and are courteous and professional.

We are selective in the recruitment process, employing the right calibre of security officers who will in-turn give you, the retailer the professional image within your outlet that you quite rightly deserve.


Why Choose Retail Security?

Unfortunately, we now live in an age where a shoplifting incident costs a business £177.00 on average and over 15% of businesses have been forced to close permanently or short-term as the result of a crime.

It is no wonder that many retail proprietors feel themselves to be under threat! Retail shopping stores are constantly facing increasing need for professional retail security. With security personnel on duty, your shoppers will feel safe, and theft will drop drastically.

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Types of Retail Outlets

  • Shopping Centres
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Sports Stores
  • Markets
  • Game Stores

Service FAQ’s

Why hire retail security?

Our Security officers can provide a visual reminder and greater sense of security for employees and customers while decreasing theft of stock is our priority. Shrinkage costs retailers an average of 1.5% of sales, which is why security for retail stores, shopping centers and malls is in high demand. Unfortunately, theft is always on the rise and retailers should use in-store security mechanisms such as surveillance cameras and security guards combined to help reduce shrinkage.

I have CCTV, do i still need security guards?

While CCTV cameras are great for use in playback of store activity and capturing theft on camera, security guards are a much greater visual deterrent of theft than surveillance cameras and can react to an incident immediately.

Do you have experience in retail security?

Our well trained officers have experience working in and around retail outlets, so you can be assured our guards will play a vital part in preventing theft and shrinkage from your retail outlet.

What does a retail security officers role entail?

Our Guards can observe and report suspicious activities, monitor CCTV, document incidents and call law enforcement as necessary. JDAM Security, has many years of experience providing onsite security, and is ready to assist you with your security needs.

We Provide Retail Security Services That Can Reduce Loss and Prevent Theft!

We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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