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We protect property of any description - private homes, country estates, and more, we can provide a highly trained security officers assuring property, assets and people remain safe at all times of the day and night.

We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company that can
Secure your home!

Whether you require our Residential Security whilst on holiday or on a permanent basis, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our services are available throughout Wales.

We provide residential security regardless of location or size, in any weather and at any time. JDAM Security is dedicated to protecting property, people, and assets in city and rural properties, providing overt or covert services provided by our experienced and dedicated operatives 24/7.

Our presence can deter unwanted visitors and intruders, monitor visitors, prevent theft and assure your total privacy both during the day and night. Our aim would be to work with you and devise a method of reducing any risks to property, people, and assets, if required. Our officers work uniformed in fully identifiable vehicles or if required in a covert role, possibly dictated by the current security situation.

We can observe and monitor the entrance and exit to any property, patrol perimeters and provide a safe environment to live in if the need is there we can also provide and install CCTV systems and Access control if required. Our teams will work in any location at any time and any weather.


Trusted Residential Security Solutions

We operate our services with the utmost discretion, so that you and your family can go about daily life without interruption, whilst providing you a security screen deemed appropriate to the perceived level of threat.

Residential security requirements can vary considerably depending on the situation, threat or actual location. The initial action would be to visit the property, undertake a risk assessment and full client consultation.


Why Choose Residential Security?

JDAM Security's Residential Security Teams patrol on a regular basis with full detailed reports which can be provided upon request.

We offer a risk-free service and for even better clarity we offer no tie in contracts that means you only get billed for the work done.

Residents shall receive the patrolling officers direct contact phone number which can aid in the event of an incident where immediate attention is required.

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Types of Residential Security served

  • Houses
  • Estates
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Flats
  • Care Homes
  • Communal Premises

Service FAQ’s

Why hire residential security?

Our Security officers can provide a visual deterrent and greater sense of security for residents while decreasing burglaries and theft of property.

In addition to secuurity patrols can you install CCTV on my home.?

We are equipped to install CCTV cameras for use in playback of criminal activity and capturing theft on camera, combining CCTV with security guards gives a much greater visual deterrent of theft than surveillance cameras alone.

Can you escort me to and from my home?

If required, we can also meet you at your door to escort you to your vehicle or welcome you on arrival. We have experience in residential security services, and the service we provide is notably effective in driving down crime and giving residents the peace of mind that they deserve.

What is included in your residential security service?

By choosing JDAM to secure your property and by using our residential security service you will receive:
Around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance
Key holding service
Rapid response service
Permanent patrolling security team
Personal protection
Uniformed or covert levels of security
CCTV monitoring
(additional fees may apply)
Also the more residents that take out our Residential Security services in your immediate neighbourhood means a lower cost for all!

We Provide Residential Security Services That Can Protect Your Neighbourhood From Unruly Behaviour!

We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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