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We are a contractor of Mobile Patrol services, who can provide quick reacting Mobile Patrols to secure your property!

We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company that can
Secure any Property!

Choosing JDAM Security to protect your property can significantly reduce the chance of any attempted burglaries!

If you are looking for a professional Mobile Patrol service, JDAM Security can help, our mobile patrol service provides you with an efficient and cost effective high visibility alternative to employing a full time static site security officer. So no matter the size of your home or business, we have a solution that fits your requirements.

You won’t know what’s triggered an alarm until you arrive at the scene, this means that you are potentially walking into a dangerous situation. Our highly-trained security staff know how to apprehend and detain criminals and will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf. If emergency repairs need to be made - such as boarding up windows - our staff will be able to facilitate these also.

We can provide uniformed mobile patrol services to a variety of premises across Wales. These premises can include logistics depots, hospitals, schools, construction sites, warehouses, distribution centres and corporate buildings to name a few. Our mobile security patrol service is available across Wales with little or no notice.


Trusted Mobile Patrol Services

Our Mobile Patrol Security Officers will visit your premises at any time during the day and carry out a thorough patrol of all pre-agreed areas.

We can also perform general housekeeping tasks to minimise loss and reduce waste, check for vandalism, criminal damage, nuisance behaviour, health and safety issues etc.


Why Choose Mobile Patrols?

Not only do our mobile patrols act as a visible deterrent, but they are available at short notice and payable on a per visit basis.

This means that budgeting for your security provision is made much simpler using this service.

In choosing JDAM Security you can rest assured our security officers are fully trained and can respond and react to any breach of security.

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Types of Properties

  • Logistic Depots
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Distribution Centres

Service FAQ’s

Why hire Mobile Patrols?

Our patrol service is a cost effective way to have a security presence for your property and has been a great choice for clients who for whatever reason couldn't afford or simply did not need our full time security guards for their property, but still felt they had the need to be protected and safe from any unforeseen dangers. Rest assured with peace of mind knowing, we are only one phone call away in case a problem, issue or emergency is at hand.

Do you provide a Warning Board for my property?

We can provide you with hi-visibility security warning boards (at no cost to the client) to be placed around the site perimeter this service is both cost effective and can be an excellent deterrent against would be criminals.

I have multipul properties can you provide patrols for all these?

Our Mobile Patrol service in Wales can cover multiple properties and will deter unwanted acts of would-be criminals. JDAM Security can provide patrols in Wales for voluntary, private and public organisations. With JDAM Security's training and industry knowledge, a tailored security service is supplied for all clients’ needs. In addition External, internal or both patrols can also be supplied by the team.

How quick can you react in the event of a break-in?

The best defended premises are those that have prepared for the unexpected and are already supported by JDAM Security, and we can react quickly to an incident. With JDAM Security Rapid Response services, you have access to the right expertise - when you need it the most. Our Rapid Response teams are on call and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We Provide Mobile Patrol Services That Can Provide That Crucial Visual Deterrent You Need!

We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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