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We are a contractor of Event Security services, providing quality event security services to many individuals, organizations & private companies

We are an Efficient & Cost Effective Company that can
Secure your events!

Many years in the industry gives us the power to secure all your events.

If you are looking for Event Security especially one that provides bespoke, economical and highly professional Event Security in Wales, then you can take benefit of using our security services and we will be happy to delight you with our amazing service and rates.

Choosing us to provide security for your event makes sure you have ample experience at your finger tips for dealing with threats such as vandalism, theft, loss prevention, evacuation procedures and crowd management.

We are one of the most flexible and reliable providers of Event Security services and we can supply security personnel at short notice making us a competitive event security company.


Trusted Event Security Solutions

If you are seeking event security to help you secure your upcoming event, then you must choose a specialist that best fits in the profile of your event.

Event security is a specialist task that requires risk assessment, planning, execution and contingency plan in case anything goes wrong.

You can relax knowing Event Security is an experitise of ours!


Why Choose Our Event Security

Our Event Security personnel are second to none, we are among the top rated affordable and cheapest security companies in Wales.

We are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week security company providing standard and emergency Event Security personnel cover throughout Wales.

Supplying highly experienced, fully licensed SIA staff who meet British Standards BS7499 & BS7858 you can rest assured your event will be secure.

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Types of Events

  • Movies Showcase
  • Political Gathering / event
  • charity conference
  • red carpet event
  • music concerts
  • any sports / gaming event

Service FAQ’s

How Many guards do I need for my event?

How many security guards you may need for your event depends on the venue size and the number of attendees. One guard per 100 people attending your event is common practice and should be able to meet your needs. This rule can help you plan and budget your security accordingly.


We pride ourselves on being able to fulfil our clients needs on short notice, although occasionally we may not be able too due to services being in high demand.

Do you have experience in event security?

We have many years experience in the security industry and providing event security for our clients is a talent we can be proud of. We have provided event security on a number of events and for a wide variety of well known artist.

Can you provide CCTV systems for my event?

In addition to our officers wearing Body Worn Surveillance we also have the capability to offer wireless CCTV systems on a rental basis for your event.

We Provide Event Security Services That Match Your Needs & Your Budget!

We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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