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We are a contractor of Alarm Response services, who can provide fast acting Alarm Response services to secure your premises!

We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company that can
Secure any premises!

Choosing JDAM Security to protect your premises can significantly reduce the loss of property!

A vital part of the defence of any premises against crime is its alarm system, and there are some very impressive and efficient alarm systems that can detect movement and any threat to the security of your premises.

However, in order to make sure that the alarm system does actually help to prevent crime, it also needs someone to actually respond to the alarm if it is triggered, and to find out what is happening on the premises.

At JDAM Security we know that your premises is more than just a source of income for you, it is your livelyhood, and by us monitoring and responding to your alarm systems it means that you can be confident your business is in good hands even when you're not there.

Our security personnel represent us and our clients, which is why we invest in them through training and management support. All of our security personnel are licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). They are encouraged to excel in their positions and as a result are well motivated, not just to deliver service excellence but to establish an association with our clients.


Trusted Alarm Response Services

Knowing that the trained security experts at JDAM Security will swiftly respond to any alert raised by the alarm will be an additional deterrent which will be noticed by potential criminals while they are identifying potential targets.

A visible alarm system which we can provide at an additional cost is certainly one of the most important deterrents to criminals who target commercial premises, but the signs advertising that the system is monitored 24/7 can add to this deterrent factor.


Why Choose Alarm Response services?

We offer a swift response to any alert raised by your alarm system, and once this is triggered a trained security professional will be on the premises in a very short time to discover whatever has triggered the alarm.

The best defended premises are those that have prepared for the unexpected and are already supported by JDAM Security, and we can react quickly to an incident. With JDAM Security Rapid Response services, you have access to the right expertise - when you need it the most.

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Types of Premises

  • Office Buildings
  • Residential
  • Logistics
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Outlets
  • Factories

Service FAQ’s

How quickly can you respond to an alarm?

On average we can attend your property within a 20-30 minute maximum timescale. This timescale varies depending on your property location and distance our officers have to travel.

Will I need CCTV in addition to an alarm system?

Another important aspect of any security system that complements the alarm is a comprehensive CCTV system, and if you do not already have this in place we can offer installation and design of a suitable system.

Can you monitor my cameras?

We also offer monitoring of the CCTV systems, which can be particularly useful when combined with the alarm monitoring service. Should anything happen at your premises, a monitored CCTV system means that the security professionals arriving on site will already have some information through the images from the system, and can request police support should it be needed.

Are your staff qualified for Alarm Response services?

All of the security staff that respond to alarms for JDAM Security are fully trained and will be made familiar with the layout of your business premises, which means they can quickly attend to any vulnerable spots to investigate those first.

We Provide Alarm Response Services That Can React quickly And Efficiently!

We offer a variety of Security Solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

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