Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our journey we have frequently asked questions relating to our company, services and security advice. Below we have taken the time to answer some of those questions for you. However if your question is not listed below please contact us here, where we would be delighted to answer it for you.

If you would like to find our more about our company or the services we provide, you can contact us free on 0800-634-5250, alternatively you can email us or by using our online contact form.

As a complete security solutions company, we take pride in being able to offer you a wide variety of services and products which will further enhance your personal and property security.

We are completely insured for all services we offer, evidence of which can be provided upon request by emailing us here.

As with all companies, not all our clients leave feedback explaining the service they have received, however the ones that do display the level of service you will receive by choosing us as your security partner.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and can be found here.

We are providers and installer of CCTV systems. With our wide range of products and low cost installation fees we can guarantee we will have a system to suit your requirements.

We understand sometimes circumstances change and the last thing we want is to put further strain on what could be a bad situation, this is why we offer no tie in contracts. This means you will only be billed for any work requested that has been completed. We also help by offering to spread the cost with direct debits.

For further information please contact us here.

On average we can attend your property within a 20-30 minute maximum timescale. This timescale varies depending on your property location and distance our officers have to travel.

We also offer monitoring of the CCTV systems, which can be particularly useful when combined with the alarm monitoring service. Should anything happen at your premises, a monitored CCTV system means that the security professionals arriving on site will already have some information through the images from the system, and can request police support should it be needed.

As part of the mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, we rely on careful advanced work and threat assessments developed to identify potential risks to our clients. Advances in technology will provide for a safe and comfortable experience.

Our Close Protection Operatives have undergone intensive special training in the situations arising around politicians and diplomats. Many of our operatives are from a military background and we have of course obtained all the necessary permissions required to give the principal the best imaginable protection against national threats.

No longer can one rely solely on human resources and physical barriers in designing a security plan; We also addresses the role and inherent vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures, potential terrorist activities and up to date regional problem reports upon which dynamic security plans are built.

How many security guards you may need for your event depends on the venue size and the number of attendees. One guard per 100 people attending your event is common practice and should be able to meet your needs. This rule can help you plan and budget your security accordingly.

We pride ourselves on being able to fulfil our clients needs on short notice, although occasionally we may not be able too due to services being in high demand.

We have many years of experience in the security industry, and providing event security for our clients is a talent we can be proud of. We have provided event security on many events and for a wide variety of well-known artist.

Keyholding, in a professional sense, is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial premise for use in case the primary key is lost or stolen.

Should you not comply with the requirements of the NPCC, the Police may withdraw response to your premises. In addition, your alarm receiving centre will not be permitted to notify the Police of alarm activations unless keyholding information is available.

Where a professional keyholding company is appointed, all the above is taken care of. Our Response Team will attend your premises in response to alarm activations at any time. This is particularly relevant during unsocial hours. There is no need to rely or impose on friends or neighbours who may not be available to attend your property all year round.

We will not hinder your service no matter if any false alarms are triggered. You are charged on a no tie in basis and only for visits made.

Our patrol service is a cost effective way to have a security presence for your property and has been a great choice for clients who for whatever reason couldn’t afford or simply did not need our full time security guards for their property, but still felt they had the need to be protected and safe from any unforeseen dangers. Rest assured with peace of mind knowing, we are only one phone call away in case a problem, issue or emergency is at hand.

We can provide you with hi-visibility security warning boards and stickers (at no cost to the client) to be placed around the site perimeter this service is both cost effective and can be an excellent deterrent against would be criminals.

Our Mobile Patrol service in Wales can cover multiple properties and will deter unwanted acts of would-be criminals. JDAM Security can provide patrols in Wales for voluntary, private and public organisations. With JDAM Security’s training and industry knowledge, a tailored security service is supplied for all clients’ needs. In addition External, internal or both patrols can also be supplied by the team.