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Faq’s - Fire, Security & Maintenance Experts

Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • 01. How can we build a safer cyberworld?

    The easiest and most straightforward way to build a safer cyber world is to ensure all your devices have some form of internet Security installed. Security can be further enhanced by addign a number of different features.

  • 02. How much do JDAM services cost?

    JDAM services vary in price depending on the nature of work to be completed. We recommend contacting our support team to discuss your options further.

  • 03. Do I need for a complete CCTV system?

    The short answer is no you do not need a complete CCTV system. There are many cameras out there that allow remote access directly to the cameras. These include standalone IP and 4G cameras.

  • 04. What are the benefits of IP CCTV?

    One of the benefits of IP CCTV is that you can access these style of cameras from any device providing you are connected to the internet.

  • 05. What is a DVR?

    A DVR is a vital part of the CCTV system. The DVR is what houses your storage device and allows remote acessibility.

  • 06. Can i connect to a computer?

    Yes, you can connect to a computer, all cameras we offer are able to connect to any device to be monitored remotely.

  • 07. Choosing the right camera

    Choosing the right camera for your environment can sometimes seem overwhelming. Cameras vary in range and styles, therefore we recommend contacting our support team to discuss your options.

  • 08. Are your cameras wired or wireless?

    The cameras we offer come both in wired or wireless and include 4G where required.

  • 09. How do I contact JDAM?

    If you would like to find our more about our company or the services we provide, you can contact JDAM free on 0800-634-5250, alternatively, you can email us or by using our online contact form.

  • 10. Do you provide personal security?

    Yes. JDAM provides personal security. As a complete security solutions company, we take pride in being able to offer you a wide variety of services and products which will further enhance your personal and property security.

  • 11. Are you insured?

    We are completely insured for all services we offer, evidence of which can be provided upon request by emailing us here

  • 12. Do you have references?

    Yes, we have references. As with all companies, not all our clients leave feedback explaining the service they have received, however the ones that do display the level of service you will receive by choosing us as your security partner.

  • 13. Do you supply and install CCTV?

    JDAM supply and install CCTV systems. With our wide range of products and low-cost installation fees, we can guarantee we will have a system to suit your requirements.

  • 14. Will I be tied into a contract?

    We understand sometimes circumstances change and the last thing we want is to put further strain on what could be a bad situation, this is why we offer a no tie in contract. This means you will only be billed for any work ...

  • 15. How fast is your response time?

    On average our response time is within a 20-30 minute timescale. This timescale varies depending on your property location and the distance our officers have to travel.

  • 16. Can you remote monitor cameras?

    We can monitor cameras, which can be particularly useful when combined with the alarm monitoring service. Should anything happen at your premises, a monitored CCTV system means that the security professionals arriving on site will already have some information through the images from ...

  • 17. Why should I choose JDAM?

    You should choose JDAM because no longer can one rely solely on human resources and physical barriers in designing a security plan; We also address the role and inherent vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures, potential terrorist activities and up to date regional problem reports ...

  • 18. How many guards for an event?

    The amount of guards for an event depends on the venue size and the number of attendees. One guard per 100 people attending your event is common practice and should be able to meet your needs. This rule can help you plan and ...

  • 19. Are you available at short notice ?

    We can be available at short notice and although we pride ourselves on being able to fulfil our client’s needs, occasionally we may not be able to due to services being in high demand.

  • 20. Do you have experience in Event Security?

    We have many years of experience in event security, and providing event security for our clients is a talent we can be proud of. We have provided event security on many events and for a wide variety of well-known artist.

  • 21. What is Keyholding?

    Keyholding, in a professional sense, is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial premise for use in case the primary key is lost or stolen.

  • 22. What if I don’t use a Keyholder?

    Should you not comply with the requirements of the NPCC, the Police may withdraw response to your premises. In addition, your alarm receiving centre will not be permitted to notify the Police of alarm activations unless keyholder information is available. Where a professional ...

  • 23. What if I have a false alarms?

    We will not hinder your service no matter if any false alarms are triggered. You are charged on a no tie in basis and only for visits made.

  • 24. Why should I use mobile patrols?

    Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way to have a security presence for your property and has been a great choice for clients who for whatever reason couldn’t afford or simply did not need our full-time security guards for their property,

  • 25. Can you supply warning boards and stickers?

    We can provide you with hi-visibility security warning boards and stickers (at no cost to the client) to be placed around the site perimeter this service is both cost-effective and can be an excellent deterrent against would-be criminals.

  • 26. I have multiple properties can you patrol them all?

    We can cover multiple properties and will deter unwanted acts of would-be criminals. JDAM Security can provide patrols in Wales for voluntary, private and public organisations.