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"Always guarding, forever protecting"
Worked with these guys several times in the past. Always professional and polite. I have no worry about my business with these guys looking after the events.

Nigel Cramb

top work, top safety, seriously friendly and highly professional

Osian Morris

Fantastic service, we use them for all our events at Celf Llambed Arts , staff are friendly, approachable and there when there needed. They have also given us valuable advice in crowd management to help keep our events safe and secure.

Matthew Knowles

well mannered and professional. excellent work. definitely recommended

Sophie Moore-Jackson

Excellent work, job well done! Would definetely recommend

Rachel Faerian




We are a provider of security and property maintenance services, offering a fully managed, single-source service. We provide services offering protection for sites against a variety of hazards such as vandalism, arson, theft, squatting and other forms of unauthorised occupation.

With a reputation for being forward thinking & flexible, our guards provide security to property owners and neighbourhoods from the many problems associated with vacant property and if required we can provide a complete boarding up service.

Buildings that look empty and abandoned could be anything but, which is why owners of structures that look void of life often hire security services to keep these buildings safe. Security services tailored for guarding buildings that look empty or abandoned help owners minimize their liability. they also safeguard assets that could still on the property and within the very structures that the public believe to be useless and open for theft and vandalism.

Despite your building not being actively used or lived in right now, you could still face liability as its owner if someone were to enter the property and get hurt. For example, if teenagers decide to host their own rave in your structure, they could put you in harm’s way of an expensive lawsuit if one of the teenagers gets hurt or killed.

If you use your building to store valuable property like cars, machinery, tools, or metals, you are asking for those items to be stolen if you leave it unguarded. JDAM Security can keep out thieves, vandals and trespassers. We can escort uninvited people of your property, who could sue you if they get injured even if they were trespassing in the first place.

Finally, empty buildings are at risk of the same threats as occupied buildings, such as fires, gas leaks, or water damages. Trained and experienced security services can identify and respond quickly to these threats so that your losses are prevented or kept to a minimum.

We also offer Security through occupancy. This is a popular and cost-effective way of keeping a vacant property secure. JDAM can deploy SIA trained professionals across Wales to protect high value considerable risk assets. We commonly embed pairs of Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed operatives in a residential context to protect client assets 24/7 at a fraction of conventional prices. This service can be rapidly deployed and scaled to the right size to suit the individual job.


Your property’s protection is important to us. Our vacant property security inspection service makes it easy for landlords to comply with the long list of mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies - which would otherwise prejudice their cover. Here’s how our inspections will ensure your site meets all the requirments.


Our vacant property decommissioning service makes it easy for landlords to comply with the long list of mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies - which would otherwise prejudice their cover. With next-day service and fixed charges - we can ensure all your deadlines and budgets are met.


Our reactive and planned maintenance service enables property owners to not only immediately address security or other building issues as and when they arise, but help prevent these occurring in the first place.


Vacant properties and land accumulate waste at alarming speeds. This often includes hazardous waste materials which necessitates the correct waste clearance procedures and equipment for effective removal. JDAM Security will also ensure hazardous waste disposal is carried out in an approved and certified manner
A Statement From Our Managing Director:
"We like to give our client's value for less and we are a fast working team you can rely on. We want to help solve our client’s problem right away and will go to above and beyond the line of duty to satisfy our clients."

Our primary goal is your safety and security and we believe that you deserve an outstanding security team who can always protect you and keep you safe.
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